Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Drisk has a new home

Okay for various reasons, some that I'm not willing to share with you and some that I am, this is my new blog.

Part of this is to give myself a new start as a blogger and so I will do it more regularly.

This is what I have planned for this blog:

- Weekly posts outlining what London has to offer

- I will be starting a Lomography challenge with some Lomo themes, each month we will choose a theme/challenge and then I will post the results up here.

- I will hopefully be posting a lot more of my photos up here, as I plan to start taking a lot more photos.

thisx list will hopefully keep growing until I am whisked away and offered a job as a writer for Time Out (London or New York - I don't mind).

Anyway for now, it's a pleasure to have you here and I will post soon.

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