Sunday, 4 July 2010

Some things to do in the next couple of weeks

I had an amazing time in NYC and will blog more about that when my photos come back from the processor - who are going to remain nameless because they're rubbish!

So let's get back to London and what's going on here this week:

16 June - 18 July

Okay I'm a little late on this one but hey I was in New York!

LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre) is as it's name suggests an international festival of contemporary theatre. The ICA has this to say about LIFT:

"This 3 week international festival of contemporary theatre gives platform to an array of artists with particular emphasis on new forms, interactivity and visionary usages of technology to create inspiring performance"

Check out the programme here: I will be attending the Hide & Seek Weekender party on Saturday but the other events are definitely worth a look.

Photo source: ICA

and while we're on the subject....

Hide & Seek Weekender
9 - 11 July

Anyone who read my previous blog will have read about Hide &Seek they run festival of pervasive and social gaming.

Seriously worth checking out some of their events this weekend: or if you can't make it this weekend keep checking on their site and you'll find they do regular Sandpit events.

Bompas and Parr - The Complete History of Food
14 - 18 July

Okay I usually just write about the week ahead but I've realised the flaw in this plan is a lot of things are sold out by then and this is one of the events that is at risk of that.

B&P are the guys that did the Parliamentary Waffle House (see a couple of posts below) and always put on interesting culinary pop up events. Their latest event takes guests through a historical dining tour through a house in Knightsbridge, the deeper into the house you go the further back in time you go. - Tickets are £25 and includes a meal and 4 cocktails.

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