Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Events and stuff coming up

Okay so writing about things on a weekly basis isn't working, I've decided that one of the huge problems with magazines like TimeOut is that once you know some stuff is on the tickets are all sold out and the only thing TimeOut has actually been successful in doing is make you feel disappointed about an event that if you hadn't have read the magazine you wouldn't even care about. As such I am going to start writing about things as they come up and usually just after I have got my tickets for it (just in case you get tickets before me)!

So here does:

Secret Wars - 20th August - The Book Club

If you don't know what Secret Wars is check out the below video. It's what they like to call a 'live art battle'. We are now into the Quarter Finals of the euro competition of Secret Wars and this one will be London vs Dublin.

Book Slam - 1st September - The Tabernacle

If you ever get into an East vs West London discussion with me, I will blindly defend the West and undoubtedly you would say (and would be very correct) that East London has a lot more bars and events and in return to that I will say to you... Book Slam. Book Slam calls itself a literary nightclub and is always a great night so check it out!

This month Bookslam offers:

Will Self - He scares the shit out of me but from the talks I've heard and the books I've read he's definitely worth a look (see the below video of the last time he read at Bookslam)

Daljit Nagra

Jesca Hoop (she used to be Tom Waits' kids' nanny!)

Secret Cinema - 3-5th September - ??????

It's about that time again. Secret Cinema is coming and I am blowing the proverbial whistle and not doing as they tell me... "tell no one" - luckily I keep my true identity hidden so that won't be able to refuse me entry on those grounds!

Secret Cinema is a new way to watch films. You don't find out where to watch until a few days prior to the showing and you don't find out what the movie is until your sat there watching it, unless you manage to decipher their clues! They also put on an entire performance around the movie. Check out the below video of the last one:

I will be posting again tomorrow with gigs and theatre performances coming up!

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