Thursday, 26 August 2010

Candoco Dance Company - October

Once upon a time I wanted to be an actor and to help me achieve this goal I studied dance. I should probably clarify that I can't actually dance for tofu (that's how I've decided to censor myself - deal with it), but other than learning that I had an odd fetish for girls that could dance en pointe I also learned that dance analysis and appreciation was something I enjoyed greatly.

Candoco is a great place to start your journey into dance appreciation. Slightly more accessible than say DV8 and Complicite - although I sincerely think you should check them out too!

The nights at the Southbank Centre are made up of three individual pieces each by a different choreographer. Below is a brief outline from Candoco's website about the pieces:

The Hangman: With three New York 'Bessie' Dance Awards, Manchester born Sarah Michelson's style draws on the traditions and conventions of dance making yet adding a fresh, often unpredictable take. Expect a performance full of grandeur with quirky costumes and an interesting use of space.

In Translation: Award winning choreographer Emanuel Gat delights with his attention to detail to create a beautiful, fluid sextet. Performed to a piano score by Johann Sebastian Bach, this intricate piece is built as a single sequence of movement that evolves and unfolds in duets, trios or solos.

Imperfect Storm: Renowned theatre and dance artist Wendy Houston combines movement with text and meaning with humour. IN a performance loosely based on The Tempest expect elaborate costumes and theatrical movements giving it a truly unique style.

Below is the promo video for this performance:

2010/11 Season - Renditions Sting! from Candoco Dance Company on Vimeo.

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