Monday, 20 September 2010

London Design Festival

Okay I told the co-editor of my future online magazine (more on this soon!) that I wouldn't write anything about the design festival until we'd been to everything but this post is more about my love of watches so I thought he might let me off, but plan to keep it from him just in case.

Yesterday I checked out some of the things on offer in the West London section of the Festival and must say I was a little disappointed with some of the things I saw. [WARNING: DIGRESSION IMMINENT] You know the problem with reading blogs (like this one) is that you're so reliant on other people's opinions and tastes and that's fine, you find a blog that suits your taste and it's a WIN all round. However, lately I've seen so many blogs where people are absolutely obsessed with finding the next cool thing before everyone else. Which means people aren't really checking out what they're passing on and they're often passing on inaccurate information. I'm sure you've all seen the youtube video by now but these are the people that video calls 'dickheads'.

Anyway I'm going to tell you about the one genuinely amazing thing I saw at the festival yesterday and it's a tiny pop-up stand within design store Skitsch in South Kensignton. The pop-up stand is for amazing design blog dezeen's new watch shop. Below are some of the amazing watch designs that Dezeen's watch shop will be selling when their site goes live in a couple of weeks Photos courtesy of Dezeen. From what I saw yesterday all prices range between £100-150 and are well worth it. I own a very similar watch to the 1st and wish it has been in that price range.

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