Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Lomography Stop Motion Video

A couple of months ago I took part in a Lomography workshop, which saw 20 Lomoers armed with LCAs take photos one by one as they navigated through the streets around Carnaby Street, and then ended up in a circle doing some Matrix style shots. The result is below.

Interestingly Gizmodo have posted the video and it has got less than complimentary comments from their readership. Apparently they don't like lomography because it's a hipster thing to do... overall I think we were accused of being 'dickheads' (see Being a Dickhead's Cool on Youtube)... ah well we can't all play synth!

Also while I'm here I might as well mention a new competition going down at the store on Saturday, in teams we will be hunting Invader's stickers all over town and the team with the most wins analogue related prizes. Score! Facebook event here.

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