Sunday, 24 October 2010

Staying in

So I've been sick this weekend... I am a truly pathetic sick person and have barely left my bed and have just been catching up on TV. And as it's getting colder and it's going to take more and more convincing to get people to leave the house I thought I'd do a little run down of what I think are the best programmes to be watching at the moment.

Thorne: Usually I'd be against advertising anything on behalf of Sky on this thing but Thorne is really *that* good. Based on Mark Billingham's novels, the first of which, Sleepyhead, follows a serial killer trying to induce a living coma. It's a great British thriller with a great British cast most notable of which is probably one of my British TV Heroes David Morrisey (see State of Play & Red Riding). Check it out Sundays at 9pm on *groan* Sky1.

How To Make It in America: I have no idea whether this show is actually ever coming over to the UK but if you're lucky enough to go over to the states and find someone that has it all on Tevo then definitely give it a look. I think it's potentially style over substance but I'm cool with that, it has one of my favourite credit sequences for a TV show (see also True Blood and Californication). It is however vaguely a story I can relate to... 20-somethings living in the big city (they're in NYC, I'm in London) and trying to make something of themselves.

oh and here's the intro sequence I was talking about with an awesome track by Aloe Blacc...

The Event is the other show I had planned to talk about but I have decided I'm still unsure on it, it looks somewhere between Lost and Flashforward however, to me that currently means it's somewhere between being off-the-scale awesome and off-the-scale bad! I'll let you know!


  1. Interesting... I think I'll have to check these out. So how was the hunt on Sat?

    Hope you are getting better soon :)

  2. I didn't go in the end, due to the illness. Was really quite annoying!

  3. will try to check out Thorne, I'm missing out on so many TV shows!